Cloud Services
Pittsburgh Cloud
    TeraSwitch's metered cloud allows you to pay hourly for your cloud resources. Use and pay for only what you use - when you need it.
  Unit   Hourly Cost   Monthly Cost
RAM /GB $0.00284 $2.048
CPU /Core $0.00556 $4.00
SAN Storage /GB $0.0002083 $0.15
IPv4 IPs /Each $0.0013889 $1.00
Backups /GB $0.0002083


Windows License /Each $0.0347


    Pay only $10 now, and you'll be billed for your usage at the end of the month. Your $10 paid will be credited to your account as a down-payment on your first bill. We use this $10 charge to screen for fraud and verify successful payment methods.
    Only need a certain server running temporarily? No problem! A powered off virtual server will only count for usage of IPv4 IPs, disk usage, and backup space - you won't be paying for the CPU or RAM you're not using.
  Unit Cost
10TB Data Transfer /GB $0.00
>10TB Data Transfer /GB $0.02




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